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Marcus Fenix and delta squad fight against the locust to prevent them from sinking the cities of planet Sera
After a decisive victory over the vile General RAAM, Marcus and co are taking a breather. But the Locust Horde were not defeated and so they returned with a vengeance on humanity. However, there is an even greater threat from below.<br/><br/>I can&#39;t describe into words how enraptured and exhilarated I was when I played Gears of War 2. Twice the action, twice the suspense, twice the plot and character development with some fresh faces thrown into the mix and terrific voice acting to boot. This game is like a Hollywood action movie on steroids. GoW2 is simply MUCH BETTER than it&#39;s predecessor in every way, shape, and form. The story is much better and coherent than Gears of War, making you care more for the characters and the game. This was sorely absent in GoW, which despite having impressive game-play and graphics, never really made you emotionally invested in the game. Not so here.<br/><br/>More importantly is the length. While the first game was rather short, the second game really gives you more bang for your buck. This is evidenced by having a more thorough single-player campaign which can also be played Co-OP. For those that don&#39;t know, that&#39;s like two players tackling the single-player at the same time. Not the most convenient feature but if you got some buddies around, then it&#39;s a blast from there.<br/><br/>In addition to Co-Op, you can also play death-match online not just with buddies, but also online anytime, anywhere in the world. There&#39;s a new mode known as Horde. Similar to Firefight in the Halo series, this mode lets you mow down as much Locust Horde as you can and form teams to take them down.<br/><br/>Speaking of action, this game has it in spades with dozens of wonderful action set-pieces sprinkled impressively throughout. One moment you&#39;re defending a hospital of wounded soldiers from enemy forces, another has you defending a roving transport from not just ground enemies, but aerial threats as well. I&#39;m not going to spoil anymore surprises but lets just say that as you progress in the middle and near the end of the campaign, things REALLY get a LOT crazier and crazier.<br/><br/>Visually, the game features even more detail than GoW1. Powered by the impressive Unreal Engine, the game is able to display more realistic physics and animation to unprecedented levels. Your jaw will drop more than once as creatures and characters come to life in painstaking detail the likes of which has never been seen before. And it helps to have a nice, big-screen HD TV to truly witness the marvel of Gears of War 2. The game&#39;s atmosphere, combined with fantastic sound, really gives you the feeling of being in an epic war against a brutal and savage enemy and you will feel rather emotional at a crucial part in the game.<br/><br/>I&#39;d say Gears of War 2 is a much better sequel to the sleeper hit of 2006; a superbly made cinematic action game that has oodles of gravitas and raw blood-soaked carnage. If you&#39;re new to the franchise, I suggest you pick up GoW and Gears of War 2: Collector&#39;s Edition. Only a fool would miss out on one of the greatest sci-fi gaming epics of this generation of video games.
The 7th November 2008 brought forth one of the best games I&#39;ve ever played, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is almost flawless, and the campaign mode definitely beats the first one.<br/><br/>Campaign - I like the fact that you get to venture deep into Locust territory and get to finally face-off with their queen, although my greatest regrets is that you don&#39;t get to kill her personally. Anyway, i basically enjoyed the campaign. It&#39;s easy to understand, and pretty intriguing compared to the first Gears of War, where as you, for the first time, are able to fight Reavers on the ground, ride Reavers in the air, and even hop on massive lumbering giants called Brumaks. I pretty much enjoyed every aspect of it.<br/><br/>Multiplayer - I definitely prefer this multiplayer to the one in Gears of War. In the first installment, it&#39;s four vs. four for every playlist, but now, not only newer playlists have been added, but the number of players can vary from five vs. five to two vs. two vs. two vs. two vs. two. The new Horde mode in which you battle wave after wave of Locust forces, is an excellent feature of the game, I was completely hooked with trying to ascend the rounds and finally reach Wave 50.<br/><br/>Achievements - Now, this is something only Xbox 360 and Windows games have: game achievements. Achievements are accomplishments that you can complete in the game, each achievement gives you some gamerscore, which is added up to a total. The achievements in Gears of War 2 are pretty straight-forward. They include completing campaign on the difficulty levels and much more. They were pretty great, but some achievements, most notably Seriously 2.0 (kill 100,000 enemies) seem impossible to complete.<br/><br/>I&#39;d give this game a 10/10 rating despite the drawbacks, simply because it is so compelling and breathtaking. Recommended for fans of Third-Person-Shooter and sci-fi. Congratulations, EPIC.

The Sires Origins are yet uknown but one thing we do know is that they were created by a researcher named Niles Samson. Samson was also a controller of security at the New Hope Research Facility. When Marcus and Dom enter the Facility, Niles rambles and talks about the security and cleanliness of the Facility. Later, it is revealed that Niles was creating creatures he called Sires and that he had done something on Mount Kadar involving them. In letters from different New Hope researchers, it seems that Niles did not realize how dangerous the Sires were and that he called them, &quot;his children&quot;. Tai commited Suicide maybe because he did&#39;nt want to get captured again as he was tortured or maybe he wanted to end the horror&#39;s he has seen. This showed that Locust&#39;s can break anyone even Tai who was referred as being &quot;Tough as a brumak*. COGS<br/><br/>*RECURRING CHARACTERS*<br/><br/>Marcus Fenix - The main protagonist and leader of Delta Squad.<br/><br/>Dominic Santiago - Member of Delta Squad and Marcus&#39;s close friend.<br/><br/>Augustus Cole - Member that saves Marcus, Dom, and Ben Carmine from an ambush.<br/><br/>Damon Baird - Delta squad&#39;s intelligence of Officer and mechanic.<br/><br/>Victor Hoffman - Commander of the COGs. He receives a slightly larger role in Gears of War 2&#39;s plot, and even assists Delta squad during the game&#39;s final act.<br/><br/>Anya Stroud - The communicator of Delta Squad. Appears more frequently in Gears of War 2.<br/><br/>*NEW CHARACTERS*<br/><br/>Benjamin Carmine - A rookie soldier that joins Delta squad at the beginning of Gears of War 2. He receives training from Marcus and Dom in the game&#39;s tutorial, during which he reveals that he was Anthony Carmine&#39;s brother and also mentions he has two more brothers. He is reluctant to fight in combat due to his inexperience, but eventually earns praise from Marcus. Once Benjamin and his squad arrive in the Hollow, he is the sole survivor and tags along with Marcus and Dom. As Delta squad is escaping from the Hollow in Gears of War 2, Benjamin is shot at whilst defending Delta Squad from the Locust. He manages to make it back to the squad&#39;s extraction helicopter, but falls out of it once the Riftworm emerges. He and the helicopter are both swallowed by the worm. Delta squad later finds him just before he dies, mauled by creatures living inside the Riftworm. His brothers will appear in the third game. His third brother name is revealed to be Clay, A look at Benjamins COG tag which Marcus pulls it off after he dies hints his name is Clay Carmine and a letter is written to him from Ben. Clay is the oldest who is not a private. He is a higher ranked and more skilled soldier than Anthony and Benjamin. Rumor has it that Clay is likely a bigger guy like Marcus and Dom, and doesn&#39;t wear the same helmet the previous Carmine&#39;s have worn. There is brief mention of the fourth Carmine in GOW2 in a town, there is a poster on a wall that reads about Carmine being a war hero. His name is not known yet but the official Gears website states his name is Madison and that he is a Sergeant.<br/><br/>Tai Kaliso - a spiritual and meditative warrior from a tradition of honor-bound fighters, who fought with Fenix during the Pendulum Wars. He views the war from a spiritual standpoint, which often confuses the other soldiers. Nonetheless, he is still well-liked by his fellow squad members. Tai is introduced in the beginning of Gears of War 2. Throughout the game, Tai is a resilient and well-disciplined soldier, prompting Marcus to claim that he is &quot;as tough as a Brumak.&quot; Early in the game, Tai separates from Delta squad to defend them from Skorge. Delta squad later discovers Tai inside of a Beast Barge, where he has undergone severe torture. Marcus, unaware of the extent of the psychological damage Tai has suffered, hands Tai a shotgun to help fight the Locust, but he uses it to commit suicide.<br/><br/>Richard Prescott - The chairman and dictatorial military leader of the COG who has mandated several sweeping authoritarian powers to the government to control the remaining human population and fight off the Locust Horde in the wake of E-Day. These actions have made him unpopular with those who feel the COG has overstepped its bounds in the name of security, but Prescott has dedicated himself to the survival of humanity, whatever the cost may be.<br/><br/>Dizzy Wallin - From a family of Stranded rescued by Operation Lifeboat, a COG program which evacuated Stranded families to COG-controlled safe zones in exchange for the able-bodied men of the family serving in the military. Dizzy operates an Assault Derrick he named Betty, which is used as part of a COG assault on Landown. Before the grindlifts activate after arriving at the town of Landown, where the assault began, Dizzy and Delta squad are attacked by Skorge. Along with Tai Kaliso, Dizzy remains behind to hold Skorge off while Dom and Marcus tunnel underground in the grindlifts.<br/><br/>Adam Fenix - Adam Fenix is Marcus Fenix&#39;s father. He was considered one of Sera&#39;s greatest geniuses, and his radically advanced research figured prominently in the plots of both games. The novel Gears of War: Aspho Fields reveals that Adam had joined the COG army during the Pendulum Wars, rising to the rank of major and gaining a considerable reputation. Even after retiring and becoming a military-sponsored scientist, he was still referred to by others as &quot;Major Fenix&quot;. When Marcus joined the COG army himself, Adam tried to use his influence to enroll Marcus in an officer&#39;s academy, but Marcus refused; Adam&#39;s disappointment in Marcus&#39; career was a point of tension in their relationship. Ten years after E-Day, Adam was supposedly killed during a Locust offensive on the COG capital, Ephyra. During the fourth act of Gears of War 2, Delta squad discovers recordings of Adam detailing a plan to kill the Locusts by deliberately sinking Jacinto to flood Nexus with water. Adam was mentioned in the first Gears of war game, in this one his voice is heard, his appearance is yet unknown.<br/><br/>Jace Stratton - Jace is the protagonist of the Gears of War Comic Book series. Jace makes an appearance in Gears of War 2 when Marcus briefly talks to Jace during the beginning of act 2 when the grindlifts are falling into the hollow. This is his only appearance in game as he was seen in the distance.<br/><br/>The Stranded<br/><br/>*RECURRING CHARACTERS*<br/><br/>Franklin - Makes an appearance in Gears of War 2, he is seen listening to Prescott&#39;s speech.<br/><br/>Hanley - Makes an appearance in Gears of War 2 multiplayer, acting as the Meatflag in Submission mode.<br/><br/>Chaps - Appears in Gears of War 2, as part of a Stranded camp hiding under Mount Kadar. He provides Dom with information about the possible whereabouts of his wife.<br/><br/>*NEW CHARACTER*<br/><br/>Maria Santiago - Dom&#39;s wife. They lost their two children, Sylvia and Benedicto, on E-Day. Maria was devastated by the incident and vanished four years later. Dom relentlessly searched for her over the next ten years, and finally discovers that she is being detained at a Locust work camp. By the time he finds her, Maria, having been tortured and forced to endure other extreme conditions, is emaciated and in a state of extreme shock. Dom realizes that Maria is unable to respond to his voice or even acknowledge his presence and after struggling with an answer chooses to euthanize her.<br/><br/>Locust Horde<br/><br/>*RECURRING CHARACTER*<br/><br/>Queen Myrrah - At the beginning of Gears of War 2, &quot;the Locust queen&quot; provides a voice-over introduction discussing humanity&#39;s violent nature, adding that, though she feels pity for the humans, they brought the war with the Locust upon themselves. Far through the game, Delta squad manages to penetrate Nexus, the Locust capital, where the Locust queen is issuing a series of propaganda broadcasts ordering the Locust to fight against the &quot;Lambent Locust.&quot; Later on, Delta squad finally tracks down the queen in her palace, accompanied by Skorge, and discovers that she either is, or appears to be, at least partially human. She orders Skorge to kill Delta, and escapes on a Reaver during the subsequent battle. Myrrah appears to have known Marcus&#39; father, Adam Fenix.<br/><br/>*NEW CHARACTER*<br/><br/>Skorge - Skorge is the primary antagonist of Gears of War 2, and serves as the leader of the Kantus monks within the Locust Horde. He wields a double-edged chainsaw staff, and wears an elaborate headdress. Martin Robinson, a columnist for, noted that the character possessed a physical resemblance to the eponymous creature from the 1987 film, Predator. During the course of Gears of War 2 he is shown assaulting COG troops, leading the massive Riftworm, and battling Delta squad. Towards the end of the game, Skorge pursues the escaping members of Delta squad on his Hydra. Delta defeats Skorge and destroys his Hydra whilst pursuing them in midair, causing him to plummet to the ground below. Dizzy&#39;s fate is revealed in the sequel novel &quot;Gears of War: Jacinto&#39;s Remnant.&quot; by Karen Traviss. Hesurvived thanks to Tai&#39;s actions and manages to reunite with his twin daughters, and continues to serve as Delta Squad&#39;s transportation on some missions. Unknown. Some fan&#39;s believe that he was killed when he plummeted to the ground and saw blood come out of the back of his head but other&#39;s disagree saying Locust&#39;s are not killed that easily, in the first Gears of War game, the mission &quot;Belly of the Beast&quot; a locust fell more then 100 feet and lived, Skorge did not fall 100 feet, he hit the ground after the Hydra so there is a chance he lived. However, all Grubs were killed by Adam Fenix&#39;s machine at the end of Gears of War 3 so he would not return if he had except in a prequel. Yes. A transmission from Adam Fenix is played at the end of the credits asking, &quot;This is Adam Fenix, is anyone out there…? Can you hear me…? This is Adam Fenix, can you hear me…? What have you done…?&quot;.
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